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6 stylistic kitchen design ideas for 2018

Article published on 17/01/2018

guidelines to design your kitchen with stylistic furniture and accessories

The kitchen is a room of the interior where you can express your creativity: not only by cooking fancy dishes, but also by creating a harmonic, stylistic and yet balanced interior design. While white kitchen design ideas and open kitchen areas have been on trend for a while now, there are many more modern kitchen design ideas to keep in mind. The variety of new kitchen designs is large, so you have a lot of different house design kitchen ideas to choose from. This is why I came up with this article in which I will present 6 kitchen design ideas and also show home kitchens photos to you, so you have a concrete picture of great kitchen designs in mind...
You may get some inspiration by reading it and find your own suitable kitchen design ideas to improve your home decoration. However, always remember that not everything has to fit every home interior!

Let's now have a look at the latest stylistic kitchen interior design ideas:

Colours for the kitchen

The new colours for the kitchen will be about an all-natural look and a connection to nature. You can choose between different colours, most of them with a connection to the natural world: The result is an interior with a balanced look and a calm ambience, based on authenticity in design choices. Most new kitchen design ideas suggest pastel colours to decorate your kitchen in 2018, as well as softer colours with a natural flair such as beige, rose, darker greens or grey nuances. These interior kitchen design colours will be very popular. You may, even, choose a colour that adapts well to the wooden to enhance the natural wooden look not only in wooden furniture pieces, but also with some colour choices. However, be careful not to overdo this since you still want to create a cozy living area, mainly inspired by natural designs for a feel-good area!

Stylistic Accessories for the kitchen

It is not a surprise that modern decorating ideas for kitchens also consider accessories as essential parts when designing kitchens. Looking at stylistic kitchen accessories for 2018, we may consider them as additional elements to the composition of colour and furniture choices. In these terms, accessories such as a modern clock will add some shiny accents and glamorous colour touches to the interior. Golden and copper coloured accessories will be very popular, creating a contrast to the natural colours for the main parts of the interior design, such as larger parts like wall colours or painted wooden elements. Elegant ceiling lights with a golden finish will be on trend as essential to kitchen design ideas. Reminiscent of Moroccan Design, they will add some originality to your interior design. Try to create a balance throughout your colour choices, with a few metallic accents for your home kitchen decor!

Creative patterns: Geometrical motives are on trend

Apart from traditional kitchen design ideas, there are a few modern design directions that have become relevant modern kitchen design ideas. Creative (geometrical) patterns are suitable designs not only for colourful cutlery, but also for bigger furniture pieces. A kitchen cabinet with a triangular wooden pattern has a very stylish effect on the whole look of a kitchen. It may be matching with other furniture pieces of the same pattern to create consistency and balance. Geometrical motives on small colourful accessories will bring some ?Pep? to the decoration of your house. You can tell that beautiful kitchen designs are not all about implementing the large kitchen design ideas: It is not about the size of a kitchen, neither about the complexity of the idea itself: It is often about simple kitchen design ideas with wise consideration of colour choices and matching furniture, but also with the use of creativity spread through lovely motives and smaller elements too.

Marble furniture

Marble is a very glamorous material that can uplift the look of beautiful kitchen designs. The material has a high polish and usually appears in white, beige, black or grey ? four very elegant colours. Some new kitchen designs suggest marble to be used on kitchen tops, for instance, black marble for thicker kitchen tops and as a clear design statement (and yet a simplistic look). You may choose white marble for an extraordinary elegant look, and complete it with another soft beige or light grey tone. Remembering the very natural kitchen colours used for bigger spaces, like walls, marble can add an extravagant and yet very modern touch to your kitchen. This will be one of the most popular kitchen design ideas for 2018.

Creating a timeless space

The atmosphere of modern kitchen interiors will be based on elegance with the idea to create a timeless space. Starting by choosing grey and for example dark blue kitchen walls, elegance can appear through timeless accessories etc. Following essential kitchen decorating ideas, you can create a timeless look through vintage style furniture and accessories in your kitchen, remembering the motto: "less is more".This is how implementing new kitchen decorating ideas in new kitchen designs can finally create an antiquated interior look for on trend kitchen styles.

Creating an eco-look

Overall, kitchen design ideas will lead us back to taking nature into account. When you design a new kitchen or when you uplift an already existing kitchen design, try to aim for bright, natural design touches for your eco-friendly kitchen looks: From lighting to colours, furniture pieces and accessories. A good material for lamps or other elements can be bamboo, a renewable resource that grows twice as fast as trees, while releasing 30% more oxygen into the atmosphere. Teak plates and cups can be another original 100% natural element as part of your stylistic ideas for kitchen design with a natural touch! Finally, add some beautiful plants, for those more green kitchen design ideas and to enhance the feeling of bringing a piece of nature to your home.

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