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Swedish furniture: furniture accessible to all while preserving the craft quality


Swedish furniture: the background

Sweden takes up a large area of the Scandinavian region, in the midst of landscapes that are each more stunning than the next.

The virtues of this territory are ever present thanks to the contrasts of its site; forests and waterfalls cheek by jowl with mountains and lakes, surrounded by several bare archipelagos.

Sweden is a sovereign State, pacifistic and a liberal democracy, with inhabitants that have a considerable sense of civic duty.

The poor origins of this nation drove it to gird itself with crucial strength to deal with day-to-day complications in a very lucid manner, and a great deal of intuition, character traits hat are reflected in the pure yet massive lines of Swedish furniture.

These amazing aptitudes led Sweden to industrialise production of Swedish furniture, a perfectly well-developed and stable system, enabling the country to create a broad range of furniture responding to all needs and affordable to all.

Safe and democratic, the key words underpinning the design of Swedish furniture.

Stockholm SideboardStockholm Sideboard

Swedish furniture: a bit of history

The singular nature of Swedish furniture was first apparent in the 18th Century, at a time when neo-classicist decoration was all the rage across Europe.

The search for the calming nature of space, soberness, soft and delicates lines, all qualities specific to Sweden, nevertheless made these interiors different, as neo-classicism blended in with the pure Scandinavian lines.

Homes were characterised by their pastel and natural tones, and Swedish furniture made of light bare wood.

The Swedish academy of arts and design, the first designers association in the world, was created in the middle of the 19th Century.

This led to craft and industrial products to be perfected, thanks to the assistance of Swedish furniture designers.

In turn, this resulted in greater domestic culture and taste in homes across the country.

The ideology was to offer Swedish furniture that was accessible to all, unpretentious, industrially made, but still preserving a craft look and quality.

The specific aspects on Swedish furniture were thus created and continue to this day, where we still find this stamp of pureness and durability in all rooms.

Fjord Wooden SideboardFjord Wooden Sideboard

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