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Vintage home: the landscape of Scandinavian vintage design


Vintage home: Scandinavian style

Scandinavian countries have for centuries fostered the idea of good neighbourly relations.Between cooperation on one side and the domination on the other, each country has preserved its own history, temperament and social precedents.

The Scandinavian vintage home is the perfect illustration of the soul of these northern European nations, which have played such an important role in this trend.

Their ethnic diversity enriched the decorative universe of these Nordic States, allowing each of them to affirm its own character in terms of design.

We note a substantial eastern influence on Danish porcelain, which was to be a leading element in vintage design, but also an English and American look to their furniture, thanks to these countries' long history in maritime trade.

In comparison, Sweden very early on became interested in the idea of ergonomic design and made this afundamental priority in its vintage design.Iceland, insofar as it had very few natural materials, forged a reputation in graphic expertise, clearly seen on fabrics, porcelain and ceramics whichare a flourishing part of the vintage design so sought after today.

Nonetheless, despite these specific national aspects, Scandinavia retains a collective artistic knowledge, which is a meeting place for its aspiration to create an ideal society, perfect design and the use of fine materials.

The landscape of Scandinavian vintage design

Isolated geographically, Scandinavian countries endure long and fairly harsh winter months. They had to be equipped and protected in this constant struggle with nature.

Wood is their primary material, and the key choice for many pieces of vintage design furniture.

They remain very concerned about waste, and show a very practical approach to the design they aspire to perfect.

They thus constantly improved this art of handling the materials used in Scandinavian vintage home design, with know-how passed from generation to generation.

It has often been emphasised, with regard to Scandinavian homes, that their stunning environment has led Scandinavians to listen to and decipher nature in order to draw out the best for their vintage home design.

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