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10 Cozy Living Room Ideas for Surviving this Winter

Article published on 21/11/2017

A survival guide of the must-haves we all need this winter.

We all know that winter is coming... ba dum tss, and sometimes those living room ideas do not come by so easily. So when I need help decorating my living room, I end up googling "ideas on how to decorate my living room" and I am bombarded with ideas.I have narrowed it down to three things and then expanded those for you. Think: lighting, furniture and accessories. Whether you have country looking furniture or a more modern decorating living room, I've written you a survival guide of the must-haves we all need this winter to warm up the most lived in place of the house... (With our eyes open at least).

Here we go with the 10 cozy living room ideas for surviving this winter:

1. Candles

Firstly, and for me quite importantly, are candles!

Appropriate at any time of the year but substantially more in the winter. That winter snuggle feel is so much more satisfactory by the use of candles. Granted we can use them anywhere, realistically though the living room is the best place for them. No matter the living room furniture décor, it is how to make a room feel warmer instantly. I personally love the homely smell of vanilla but in winter I tend to venture out. Some popular winter smells I use are nutmeg and cinnamon, winter berries and pine. I also think anything spiced is amazing in the winter: spiced apple, spiced orange, pear, mulled wine. Tis the season!

2. Fairy lights

Who doesn't love fairy lights!? They make the perfect interior decorations for living rooms. Whether to decorate a bookshelf, create a cozy wall or gently illuminate a side table, the sparkle makes you feel all fuzzy and happy inside. Whether for big or small living rooms designs, it's how to make your home cozy and create those warm inviting living rooms. Small tip: Try going for eco-friendly ones!

3. Table lamp

Ambiance, darling. We don't need the big old light shining down at us as if we're in an office. Important for when thinking of living room ideas is lighting. Mood lighting creates a warm living environment which counteracts that long winter night feeling. It is achieved perfectly with some soft and unique lighting such as a table lamp and a floor lamp for extra effect. Place it on some small lounge furniture for a soft and smooth way to shine a light on your room.

4. Wooden furniture

I find the best living room design balances wood with modern accents. It is very on trend and especially cool modern living rooms use wooden touches such as a wooden bookcase or even wicker (very 60s and 70s, I know) to warm up the living room. This warm furniture brings a connection to nature, and this style of interior decor furniture produces a cozy rustic living room.

5. Rug

To create a cosy room and give it a small cozy house feel; an easy addition to transition the room from a light airy feel that we desire in the hotter months, to a snug and comfy room for the winter months, the best living room ideas include adding a rug. Easy to maintain compared to a carpet and even more painless to replace when living room decorating styles change, they easily transform the room and generate a warm family room.

6. Fabric Blanket

To create the cozy living room, I believe your already cozy living room furniture (as that's why you bought it, right?) needs an extra cover to achieve the cozy winter house: a fabric Blanket or throw. When cosying up in front of the telly, the number one must have for the winter is definitely a big, draping, fluffy blanket. There are many living room ideas and one can always use a hot water bottle, microwaveable slippers or an electric heated anything but it just doesn't hit the spot in the same way, does it? There are a few warm and inviting sofa decorating ideas, yet I find adding a blanket is best. It is uncomplicated and easy to remove when you won't need it, easily washed and matches all traditional living room styles. You can add it to create a cozy sofa, or add one to your small cozy chair.

7. Jumper

As you may notice, the trick to winter and feeling snug is adding layers! To the floor, the sofa and now ourselves! Invest in a nice fluffy home jumper. I personally have one made from cotton with the rolling stones lick on it (they come with matching trousers too). Super comfy and warm to walk around in. Of course this could extend to more clothing accessories, now you find all sorts of new age accessories, like one-use hand warmers you have to keep boiling to use again! I find a nice jumper and a blanket are useful, perennial purchases.

8. Draught excluder

Not the first thing to come to mind when thinking of stylish sitting rooms. Yet I visited a cozy cottage interior in the English countryside and saw this odd-looking accessory on the floor, a little sausage cushion on the floor!It may be a bit of a random suggestion but if you are looking for living room ideas and how to warm them up, I find it highly useful and now I cannot imagine not having one! No more draughts coming in under the doors and making my feet cold. Especially useful in those cozy cottage living rooms being heated by a crackling fireplace. Additionally useful as a door stop! and I do love an original accessory (a useful one of course). Available in all crazy styles.

9. Whisky

Ah! Thanks to our Scottish family we have whisky. Perfect for the winter, it warms up the soul and is necessary for the perfect hot toddy if you get sniffles. Additionally add some to your mulled wine for flavour. If you need any more living room ideas, it may even get the creative juices flowing.

10. Tea set

Because we're British.

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