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Antique home furniture is the new trend

Article published on 07/02/2017

What's the trend with new and old furniture? Antique furniture is now more in demanded than ever before!

Have you ever wondered what the new interior trend has to offer? The charm of the olden days is reflected in antique furniture. Here is the trend analysis!

Why do more and more people go back to antique furniture?

Because of the gulf of furniture on the market nowadays, it is important to go back to the roots of antique furniture. With antique furniture you can put a statement in your interior and also achieve a vintage character. Not only the beauty of old furniture impresses, but also the high-quality and artistic processing. This precision in the processing of antique furniture is really something special. These pieces of furniture have a story to tell and are very unique. It is great if you maintain an old piece of furniture from your grandparents as a souvenir.

round table with lamps

What is the advantage of antique furniture?

Antique furniture brings charm and comfort to your home. Furthermore, old wooden furniture make every living room much more cozy. Antique furniture is always made out of natural materials and is therefore safe for your health. Chemicals varnishes and preservatives were not used back then. Antique furniture is of much higher quality than modern furniture and is therefore more valuable. They can be passed on to generations and are always a great souvenir. Compared to modern furniture, antique furniture has much more character and tells a story at the same time. The materials used back then were often of much higher quality than nowadays. At that time it was still important to produce furniture that is durable. Today, furniture is changed very often and durability is no longer important.

vintage boutique

Why is it even more trendy than before?

Nowadays people like to mix. Which means to mix antique furniture with modern. This is actually quite simple, you can always use an antique piece of furniture as an eye-catcher. It looks great when you have an antique chest of drawers or an armchair integrated into a modern living room. It upgrades your entire interior design and brings elegance to your home. It is now even more a trend to integrate antique furniture into a modern home!

red armchair

What makes the charm of antique furniture?

The charm of the past is marvelously visible in antique furniture. Culture and zeitgeist of an era is expressed in antique furniture. For example, when we eat on an ancient dining table, we feel immediately connected to the past. Antique furniture is at least 100 years old. It's always a good idea to ask you grandparents whether they have a spare antique furniture.

wooden living room with a view

Popular designs

The most frequently used antique pieces of furniture are from the Biedermeier period (1815-1848) and the Jugendstil (1895-1920). In most cases, antique furniture dates back to the early 18th century. For Biedermeier furniture Lyra motifs and natural grains are very often used, otherwise there is only little decoration. Walnut, cherry and birch wood are the wood types that are most often used for Biedermeier furniture. Especially the Biedermeier furniture can be easily mixed with modern furniture, since they are particularly simple. This is why the interest in this era grows more and more nowadays. Also in Jugendstil you can find simplicity and the furniture is a bit more modern.

living room with a view

Can you mix antique furniture with modern furniture?

Antique furniture is ideal for playing with the antitheses old and new. For this reason, it often finds use as a stylistic element to set particular accents. In addition, with antique furniture you can create very personal living spaces that are clearly different from others. They are usually unique and stand out from mass products. It does not even have to be an original antique furniture, reproductions can be of very high quality and sometimes it can only be distinguish by an expert. For these reasons, many interior designers experiment with contrasting old and new. Biedermeier and Jugendstil furniture in particular are very popular, as they can be easily matched with modern furniture.

Durable antique furniture: always a trend

Antique furniture combines quality and durability! If you want something longlasting you won't be able to get past antique furnitures. These pieces of furniture have long proved that they can last up to several centuries. So if you are looking for something longlasting then go for antique furniture!

coffee table and couch

Features of antique furniture

Craftsmanship and clear lines are unique features of antique furniture. Especially for the Biedermeier style simple forms, flat fronts, fruit tree wood, natural grain and Lyra motifs are the characteristics. In particular the convex and concave shapes are popular.

How can you achieve a vintage character?

With small antique furniture you can set antique accents to your home. An antique shabby chic dresser or an armchair mixed with modern furniture gives a wonderful overall picture. Of course you can also design your whole home with antique furniture. This look brings coziness to your home and exudes character. My personal favorite remains the combination of old and new! This trend has increased recently and remains a must-have.

vintage living room

The trend of antique furniture will also give your interior great charm. The trend can nowadays be seen in many magazines. Let yourself be inspired and integrate an old piece of furniture into a super modern home. It will be a great eye-catcher!

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