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Design sofa : these new design sofas, revisited with relaxation


The contemporary furniture of this period, including the design sofa, developed to make it accessible to every custommer

The 1960s design sofa revisited

In the 1960s, we assisted to significant developments in the design and especially the sofa design, in terms of shaoe but also of materials and colors.

This period acknowledged a foolproof euphoria after several years of troubles and problems, and this inspiration will translate into a new and totally different lifestyle; our homes will be the major target of this change.

The key is to live with relaxation and peace in these new revisited design sofas: flexible and functional.

Straight, ceremonial, and formalists seats are ancient history, and leave room for imagination and fantasy represented by young design sofa creators.

These designers adapt to the demand of new assets, seeking a comfortable and original interior, after a hectic day.

Contemporary furniture of this period, which includes the design sofa, is developed in order to popularize and adapt to these new decor lovers.

Many journals appeared at this time and for many, the point was to lead us to this new kind of design and trendy lifestyle.

The design sofa : affordable masterpieces

Behind this effect of design massification, hide major initiatives that will change the way we buy our furniture and our design sofas.

Because tastes in decoration become numerous, some brands such as Prisunic have the idea of offering affordable and trendy furniture.

The main innovation is that this furniture is designed by renowned designers such as Marc Held or Olivier Mourgue .

With the new fashionable materials, robust and cheap combine : polyurethane fabric or fiberglass .

The design sofa of the 1960s becomes the vintage sofa, with its lines and curves designed to adapt to new habits of life, and to suit the greatest number of design sofa lovers.

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Unrivalled customer satisfaction

Your 4th chair at half price

With code "50PC" Benefit from -50% on your 4th chair