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Silver-plated lamp

Design history -

Lighting design : the origins of the lighting design


Lighting design: the lighting design is necessary

Industrial design lighting

Until then, lighting design had not met all the expectations of companies . The idea of a personal and adaptable lighting seems to be the best solution, either for workers or office workers. It was then that lighting design had to be developped and this hinged together engineers and designers, for better optimization work. The modern materials that were used to assemble and create lighting design at this time were glass, metal, and bakelite, the first form of plastic discovered through a strong evolution of scientific research. These possibilities will enable the creation of the task light, now totally considered as lighting design.

Banker large suspension light

Lighting design: the production of hand duty lamps

Jieldé lamps

At first, the development of hand and duty lamps will emerge, as they are today also considered as symbols of the design lighting . At this time, however, the electrification of lamps were not as secure as today, and this system remained dangerous although suitable for individual lighting. Lamps with electric cables and sockets to cover the articulated arms then appeared. The first models did not enter history as they were not fully realized and adapted for every-day use. The hand duty lighting design was a revolution as appeared three major models : the Gras model by Bernard-Albin Gras, the Anglepoise by George Carwardine, but probably the most famous one, the Standard by Jean-Louis Domecq. Perfectly adapted to the new workstations among workers, as well as in individual offices in the tertiary sector, producers of lighting design opened themselves to an astronomical market to the delight of lovers of design lighting of modern days .

Jieldé signal desk lampJieldé signal desk lamp



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