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Trend analysis -

Nordic Danish furniture: Scandinavian design trend


Mid-century Danish furniture, for a Scandinavian atmosphere

At the beginning of the century, manufacturers invented new Danish furniture for interior design production processes thanks to the advent of mass-production industries.

Danish manufacturer Fritz Hansen was one brand that contributed to expanding the renown of Danish furniture across the world.

Fritz Hansen was originally a cabinet maker that specialised in turning wood and manufacturing wood or metal frames for padded armchairs.

In 1915, one of the Hansen sons introduced the company to a new wood-bending technique. This new method greatly facilitated the production of Danish furniture for interior design.

Fritz Hansen was able to subtly reproduce this process, which was perfected by Austrian company Thonet; note that the intellectual property rights to this concept were hotly contested.

By the 1930s, Hansen was a key figure in production of Danish furniture with modern lines, created by highly-renowned designers.

The common theme was clearly the choice of lines and simple curves, streamlined to the extreme, with a view to high-quality design and smoother mass production. Very simple pieces of furniture, such as the Danish Scandinavian side table and Scandinavian dining table, were easy to reproduce.

The materials were the same as those used by craftsmen at the origin of Danish furniture, such as solid wood, but Fritz Hansen also lived with the times and its new discoveries.

New materials and Danish furniture

Fritz Hansen was to be one of the pioneers of the moulded plywood system, when it first made its appearance among manufacturers of Danish furniture, launching the plywood AX chair.

This model rapidly became a classic for the brand and clearly showed a love for modernity.

In 1951, the famous Danish designer Arne Jacobsen created the legendary Ant chair, respecting the precepts of simplicity and using plywood.

Fritz Hansen took great pleasure in manufacturing this piece, which was a resounding success and became an icon in the world of Danish furniture.

Contre-plaqué created a stunning and revolutionary visual effect thanks to an ability to create a piece of furniture with just one panel by bending it in a hot press.

Futurist shapes could thus be explored in all their en toute simplicité.

Fritz Hansen became a reference in Danish furniture and a visionary of future models.

He also made a major contribution to the popularity of modern and elegant Scandinavian style. Today, this style goes from modern dining chairs to the simplest Scandinavian stool. Even storage furniture, such as a Scandinavian wardrobe and Scandinavian shelves, are very popular in Europe.

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