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A Complete Guide to Oak Furniture

Article published on 13/11/2015

A complete guide to oak furnitre

Oak has been one of the most reliant woods used to manufacture wood furniture due to its amazing qualities. It has been used in the construction of countless products such as, flooring, as a ship building material , sports equipment and of course furniture, amongst the thousands of other products and items it has been used to create.

Oak furniture in all its glory

What makes it so special

This wood has always been prized for its quality and was the principal wood used for the creation of furniture in Medieval England, when it once was a relatively inexpensive commodity. Eventually Oak rose in demand because of the rise of the middle class who were looking for quality pieces of furniture as a status symbol for their place in society. This choice of wood may come at a higher cost but oak preserves itself as a wood of high quality that is sure to last and impress. In this article we will take a look at what exactly makes oak such a quality material and how you can use beautiful full bodies oak furniture in numerous styles of décor..

The strength of oak wood

This durable material will surely pass the test of time as it is very sturdy and meant to last. That?s why it has been used to create pieces of furniture such as desks which need to be able to carry a lot of weight, such as the weight of a computer. Some materials tend to lose their sturdiness over time however oak furnishings have been proven to last years and years. Any cheap imitation will be quickly evident as they won?t have the same sturdiness or resistance to most scratches or stains because of its solidity. This makes the wood an ideal choice for wood flooring as it will keep its appearance much longer than other woods and would be great for homes with pets and young children. The solidity of this wood is used to its advantage in the furniture manufacturing business, many sofa?s and armchair?s legs are made out of oak wood due the sturdiness of the material.

What about maintenance?

Of course everything needs to be maintained including your furniture. The good news is that oak is not a fussy material that will need regular attention. Oak furniture only needs to be treated twice a year, in order to buff out any scratched areas. However just as any other furnishing, you should treat your oak furniture with care and make sure not to neglect it. However overall oak will surely last a long time with minimal maintenance compared to other woods and materials. Another possibly negative point is the higher than average price that comes with oak furniture. It may come at a higher price but it will surely be a worthy investment that will last well into the future.

The pros and the Cons

The Advantages

Oak really is more than just a staple to furniture making, it?s one of the few woods that has stood out amongst the plethora of different species, and it is all because of its various qualities. For starters the distinctive wood grain of oak wood and smooth to the touch surface gives this wood a great look and feel. Oak can be used in various décor styles and proves to be a very versatile material. Whether you decide to use it in a more classically themed home or something more modern it will find its place. In a more modern home it could fit in perfectly with the addition of metal to create one fluid piece of furniture. The surface of oak wood will age with time gracefully and will have a slightly faded colour that will only give the appearance of the material more character. It is also important to note that oak wood comes in various different shades and can be easily varnished to change the hue of the wood all while keeping the beautiful grain visible. Regardless of which design style you choose to use it with it will surely add some rustic charm to all of your rooms.

With the good comes the bad

Although Oak comes with all the amazing qualities you would hope for there are some disadvantages to this material. The most unfortunate occurrence is the sale of oak wood that is not of a high quality. This could affect the overall appearance of the wood and its stability. Some manufacturing methods may result in cracking or shrinking with time and humidity. Some low quality wood may be affected by plant diseases that eat away the wood such as blight. Another aspect that may be good or bad is the heavy weight of the wood. However after going over the pros and the cons, it is easy to see that the good definitely outweighs the bad. Purchasing quality oak furniture will not only add a touch of class and rustic elegance to your décor but also keep you reassured that you made the right investment.

Decorating with oak furniture

How should I Use it?

Using oak furniture in your home is easy and will surely last as long as you would hope. Using oak in your home works almost any type of décor style. Whether you decide to use a more modern painted over piece of oak furniture or a natural piece of rustic oak furniture it will surely find its place in your home with ease. If you do not plan on redecorating to often than oak furniture may be exactly what you?re looking for, because one thing is sure, it is built to last. However if you decide you want to change your décor, changing the varnish of your oak furniture for a lighter or darker tone may be a DIY project that could save some of your hard earned money.

Scandinavian Oak furniture Décor

In a more modern Scandinavian styled home, the more modern painted over oak furniture wood be a welcomed addition to the décor. A perfect piece for your Scandinavian décor could be some oak furniture that has natural elements accompanied by sections that have maintained their natural wood grain appearance. A great example of this could be a kitchen table with a painted over table top and natural wood grain legs. This could be accompanied by a quartet of chairs that have natural oak legs that support a comfortable fabric covered seat. For a marriage of various oak pieces in a room a great tip to keep in mind is having light coloured walls and flooring. For instance wood flooring in the kitchen is becoming more and more popular because of its sophisticated look and also because of open concept designs that would look otherwise awkward with an abrupt meeting of ceramic flooring. If your living room is focused around Scandinavian furniture you could always add some oak furniture to the mix to give the room a more natural ambiance. An oak coffee table for example with a painted over table top and natural varnished oak wood legs would blend in nicely with an existing Scandinavian décor. This could be accompanied by a pair oak wood side tables on either end of the sofa and some oak accessories such as a serving tray.


If you are more adept and attracted to rustic decors, then you will surely be enticed by the prospect of out fitting your home with some rustic oak furniture. Whether it is your industrially themed living room, kitchen, office or shabby chic bedroom, rustic oak furniture will certainly fit the bill and work in unison with your existing vintage décor . When it comes to your bedroom, the natural tones and warmth of oak wood will create comfy and cosy atmosphere that is so important when you finally try to fall asleep at the end of the day. Something with rustic design lines to accompany the natural tones of the oak wood would make for a great combination. For example a French styled oak dressing table or side table would look fabulous in your rustic décor. Placing a piece of rustic oak furniture on either end of bed like a side table with French chateau lines would be the perfect addition to the welcoming and calming atmosphere of a rustic bedroom. Your office would also benefit from the use of some rustic oak furniture. If it may be the case that your office is giving off a cold ambiance because of too much dark leather or modern décor, you may want to consider adding some natural wood to your office décor. You can change all this in various ways, but what better way to start then changing the desk you work on daily. You may want to swap your old desk with an oak wood desk that rests on a metal base, the use of these two materials to create a furnishing will not only last for years because of their durability and sturdy nature, but it will also add a natural rustic tone to your décor without moving in a totally different direction due to the metal base which will balance out the use of wood in a modern or industrial décor.

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