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Lantern for the garden

Tips for your garden decor

Article published on 06/03/2018

Garden decoration in the summer and winter months with new and recycled furniture.

Do you have a garden and therefore need ideas to decorate it? Have you been to a botanical garden and still just cannot find inspiration? Does the typical neighbours' cheap garden gnomes seem unoriginal to you? In that case you should continue reading this article, where I will show you some tips, unique outdoor decor and garden accessories ideas. The season of the year and the weather matters, so I will explain how to decorate it for winter and how to summer. In addition, included is the garden furniture and ornaments that can be used that will significantly improve the appearance of your garden of joy! Also, some recyclable items that we thought were not useful that will create a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere. Let's take a look at the tips and ideas that I propose.

Recycling: decorating with creativity

If you have run out of ideas and your outdoor garden decor bores you and you want to revamp it, I'll tell you how you can use seemingly useless outdoor decor accessories to create a completely different decor garden environment. A good idea is to use an old wooden ladder to place pots and garden plants, instead of as garden table decorations. In this way, we achieve a rustic and delicate style at the same time. You can place them next to the porch or next to a wall as outdoor wall ornaments. You can collect logs which accumulate in your garden or forest and hollow them out to place plants or flowers inside.

It is also a good idea to use old pipes. For this to be really good it is advisable to make holes in the tubes so that the plants, which you can use as garden wall decorations, can grow out of them. The next idea is the reuse of old tyres to transform them into large coloured pots, perfect to place on the grass around decorative garden stones or on the garden fences, also serve as excellent garden furniture. Another option for unique garden decor is to use the pots in a non- traditional way which consists of using them inclined or horizontally, creating a river of flowers or simulating a waterfall.

Winter garden decor

With the arrival of the cold and frost there is also the arrival of a different aspect in garden art and design. If you are a person who likes to know how to decorate your garden, you can take advantage and decorate it for the season using garden accessories and some my advice. If your trees or plants are deciduous, you can place good size pots with evergreens, plants or winter growth shrubs such as holly or heather. You can use garden furniture and other outdoor living accessories, if they are well maintained and covered during the rainy days. You can place a garden pergola or a garden umbrella to make a Sunday breakfast or a family lunch on less cold days. One of the items or complements that will fit well in a winter garden is garden art and sculpture pieces. The important thing is to find one that combines well with the rest of the decoration and of an adequate size. This idea is optimal to give that special touch; full of personality to complement your garden furniture. You can place it in a corner and surround it with plants. Also do not forget green garden lights such as solar lights. There is nothing more desolate than a cold or wet garden, without leaves and especially in the dark.

Summer garden decor

The warm and sunny weather invites you to spend time away from the home and enjoy nature. The garden can be the ideal place to rest and relax, and what better to decorate it with funky garden accessories, cute outdoor decor and the perfect garden furniture. In this season, outdoor meals are the best option and what better way to do it than in your garden. Outdoor metal decor and wooden garden decorations and furniture can be ideal. Do not forget a pair of cushions to improve the atmosphere! You can also choose Japanese outdoor accessories to get a Zen garden or Japanese garden. To achieve this we must avoid placing too many plants and use other garden decoration items such as sand, rocks and water features. This style allows a large number and variety of possibilities when adding outdoor decor, such as a bench or a garden sofa next to a pond in which to enjoy some tea.To try a different atmosphere, you can decorate with resistant fabrics of bright colours and with unique garden furniture such as hammocks, garden loungers, garden armchairs, a garden swing, garden tables, garden lampposts.


Choosing plants for the garden is not easy. You have to take into account the needs and conditions of the plant and how and where you place them and whether it complements your garden ornaments and accessories as well as the furniture. So here I present a few outdoor and resistant plants so you can fully enjoy your garden. The first is lavender: it is a plant that resists fungi and attracts pollinators such as butterflies and bees, great for the environment. It is perfect to decorate in butterfly garden ornaments for walls, plant pots on the floor or on an old ladder, as we saw before. Another plant is the vine: This plant grows very quickly and can be a great option to cover piping. Geraniums are one of the pillars of outside decor, since they can present dozens of colours and flourish in multiple climates. Finally the cole flower, which is easy to grow, blooms in the summer, has an array of magnificent colours and is great for our pollinator friends.

Now the choice is yours

Did you like these tips for decorating the garden? Then now is as good a time as any to look for english garden decor!

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To celebrate the Cannes Film Festival, pib offers you free delivery.With no minimum purchase.