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Would you like to update your home colour? Try pastels!

Article published on 02/03/2018

The importance of choosing the right colours to decorate each room, from walls to accessories

"For each room, a colour" is certainly one of the most favourite mottos for people that love trendy house colours when it comes to decorate their rooms. Yes, because when you decide to paint walls, and then move away from the classic white (which remains however a safe choice), you must also apply at least the basic rules of taste. There are those who prefer bright colored rooms, and we must admit that in some cases beautiful paint design ideas for living rooms and bedrooms are made, decorating with purple and yellow both walls and furniture and combining accessories in calming light colors, and the final visual effect is magnificent.

But it is also true that these stylistic choices can be effective in a few cases, so for all the remaining ones, better to opt for that touch of color that does not alter any combination with the furniture. That's why your perfect allies here can be pastel colors, which will add style and a bit of joy to your home colour, combined with accessories with the same pastels or bright colours to create pleasant contrasts.

The hall, the very first room in your house

Which of us does not like the feeling of coming back home in the evening and opening the front door, after a long day at work? We open the door and entering we hear the familiar scent of the house (and the lucky ones even of the dinner that someone else has already prepared!), and see our hall which already gives a first impression of our home to those who come for the first time.

Usually the entry halls are long and narrow, or short and narrow, so if we decide not to choose white, we will have to pick a very light colour that does not compromise the light, and in this case, yellow wall paint could be a nice solution. Better not to paint the walls with a canary yellow, but with a shade that would still illuminate the room, matching floor and furniture with it, such as a bench, very useful at the entrance, and hangers, wardrobes, shoe racks and umbrella holders even in dark colour combinations or in natural wood colour.

What are the best colour schemes for living rooms?

It is in the living room that we can let our imagination free about home colour ideas, since it is usually the largest room in the house, especially if it is an open space with the hall and / or the kitchen. In modern living rooms, it is important to choose wall colours that give the idea of a big space, because although the living room is usually very large, there are also many pieces of furniture, from sofas to carpets, sideboards and wardrobes and tables. For this reason, living room colours should be pretty light colors, such as light brown or pearl-gray that can be certainly interesting alternatives, and that can give an original touch. For example, with sand-colored walls you would be able to combine a graphite or wengé furniture, but also black furniture, while the second would be better matched to furniture in light colors, for example in walnut wood.

Pastel accessories to emphasize the style of the kitchen

What color should you paint your kitchen of? In this case it is a very subjective choice. It's very common though to use colorful paints in the kitchen walls that fit well with colorful furniture ideas. Normally, pastel colors are not used for furniture, but they can be an excellent choice for accessories, such as tea towels, pot holders and all plastic kitchen accessories. A well-known Italian brand, Bialetti, has just launched a beautiful line of products inspired to pastel home colour ideas, in which you can find from the pastel pink coffee maker to the coffee machine or the toaster, in a range of delicate pastel decoration colours.

In the kitchen you really can give voice to your creativity choosing among furniture and matching floor and cool painted walls!

Relax in your bedroom with the right colours

Another very important room is our bedroom, the perfect place to embellish with beautiful painted walls, and it all depends on your personal taste. For example, sometimes blue and red walls are very nice, but in many cases, even for a better effect of light and final result, you could opt for pastel wall paint colours like lavender painted walls, or a light green or pastel light blue. Choosing light furniture could help to make the environment in which you will come back in the evening more relaxing, with an home colour that will improve its look without necessarily making it shabby chic.

Start choosing your interior room colour, and discover how to combine wall colors and furniture to make perfect your cozy nest!

The bathroom, modest dimensions to wisely embellish

When you decide how to paint house interiors, and in particular the bathroom, you must first decide whether you prefer to have a tiled or painted area, because in the bathrooms, even for humidity reasons, it is good to have tiles.In the bathroom you can opt for pastel tones, also achievable with special paintings, for example, as the spatulate, the sponged or the scratched. By combining these wall painting techniques with pastel colors, you can paint just one of the walls or a wall and the ceiling, and you will have an elegant touch without a too marked effect. Even when it comes to furniture, whether you choose bright colors or pastel colors, there are many types of accessories that could give a little colour to your bathroom, from the large cabinets combined with the colours for interior walls, to colored sanitary fixtures (all of the same tone, of course). Even for small accessories, a warmer home colour will be perfect to give a touch of joy, especially if it recalls the particular walls of the same colour, while those with blue and green shades, remind the color of water, and together with white, they are usually the most popular bathroom colour trends. A range of marble accessories or brass-colored towel racks, will instead be evergreen that can be adapted to any color and any style you choose for your bathroom.

Choose your favourite colours!

Are you still looking for the best colour to paint walls in an original way and how to choose your accessories with pastel colors? The funniest and hardest part will be the choice when you will find yourself in front of a very wide range of shades. But know keep in mind your have new precious allies, pastel wall paint colours, pastel furniture and accessories!

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