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Gold vase touch

What gold decor can I add for an elegant and vivacious touch?

Article published on 28/02/2018

A few tips on which gold home acessories can give your interior a refine and sophisticated golden touch

It's miraculous how a few accessories for the home can transform your interior design. It can accentuate and tie in various elements of your home decor. Easy to change and modernise, gold accessories can reflect your decorative taste and set a tone from the moment you step into a place. Gold is a noble metal due to many reasons: it does not oxidise, therefore, no rust, it can be wiped away clean with water and even requires extreme temperatures to melt. It is valuable, beautiful and timeless. Humans are naturally very infatuated with it (as proved by Kings, Popes and, of course, the pharaohs of Egypt).
The glint of gold can elevate and ameliorate your interior and enchant your guests. I like to use gold decorative accessories above whole pieces to avoid an outdated or ostentatious feel. I've chosen a few pieces that are easy to integrate and even replace when trends change.


Mirrors, necessary in any interior to add depth, as well as for their practical use. These important wall accessories are welcome in any interior design and usually do exactly that, in the entrance, over a console table. This important feature can be just the gold decor piece your home needs. Dainty or sharp, available in any style, shape and size.


Let there be light indeed! Every interior needs to be well illuminated, whether it is a ceiling lamp, standing lamp or table lamp. Our latest newsletter mentions how many lamps per square space an interior design needs. An easy way to add to your gold decor is with a beautiful gold lamp. I personally have an adjustable height, standing lamp with a flexible head which makes for one of my most useful home accessories. It is mainly black but with gold accents that complements my standing mirror (thin, gold rimmed) in the next room. Accessories work well in this way to complement each other, as well as to the general style of the house and connection between rooms. Gold table lamps or at least with golden touches are practical, decorative accessories, popular and elegant on Scandinavian style or minimal, urbane desks.

Plant pots

As being green is popular in interior design as well as for environmental reasons, a plant pot is a magnificent way to add some gold decor to your interior. With the right type and size, a golden plant pot will add an air of sophistication without being overbearing. Vertical and wall planters are especially popular hanging decorations for living room, very scandinavian-esque due to it being more in the range of geometric home accessories. Pay particular attention to Air Tillandsia plants, they require no soil, just a spray once in a while. Slightly quirky, original but sophisticated.


Discreet, a vase can be placed in any corner of the house. A beautiful way to display a fresh bouquet or dried flowers. Similar to flower pots (obviously), these room accessories are suave with a partial gold colour, maybe half and half or with a gold rim. A fully gold vase looks nice when paired with wooden furniture and with other natural surroundings.


Frames as gold house accessories can in an interior design can make all the difference and are therefore a good investment to make your home decor seem more expensive. In comparison to a black, plastic frame, these large home accessories (or small) can bring a graceful, elegant touch, and if thinner, without being ostentatious or too regal.

Dining accessories

I personally find that the dining area, especially at a dinner party with close friends and loved ones, is the perfect place to exhibit a touch of gold. Gold place settings, napkins, small salt and pepper shaker are great examples without going overboard. I personally love one of our own products: The Harvey Decanter. Refined yet on trend, I can imagine it blending well in an interior of any style.

A kooky and original object

Originality is key. You never want your house to look like a showroom (just as clean as one!). One or two kooky and original lounge ornaments, something personal, maybe even relatively crazy make the best home decor accessories. I personally have a small, golden Buddha from my travels as one of my gold living room accessories, my friend has a golden elephant with the trunk up (never down!) as part of her house decor accessories. Be careful it doesn't look too tacky or overbearing. Don't overload on the gold: remember, less is more!

Rose gold and other alternatives

Extremely popular in the last couple of years, rose gold accessories have been prevalent. From phones, watches, jewellery to clothes; rose gold decor is no different. It has never been more popular to incorporate rose gold room accessories and rose gold homeware into the home. From cutlery sets to vases to chairs, the rose gold home is popular but with the same rules to a gold home decor; less is more! Alternatively if gold in general is just not your thing, copper homeware accessories are a great option. However if you want a similar effect but are not that much into the shine and sparkle of gold and copper decorative accessories, brass and bronze home accessories give you that desired sheen without being too flamboyant or garish.

Just remember in gold decor, less is more!

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