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5 Tips for a Nordic style kids room

Article published on 09/02/2018

Some practical suggestions to style even your children's bedrooms in the perfect Scandinavian interior design

Do you also love the Nordic style and have spent many years choosing very carefully each piece of furniture, sofa, cushion and wardrobe in your home? We all reach the moment when, after the house is finished, we decide that it is time to expand the family. Then you have to start over! In the last few months before a baby arrives in the family, usually the moms-to-be will start to organize the rooms and corners of the house to gather children room ideas and general kids bedroom stuff so that there is enough space for all the new things that the child will need. One of the best parts will be the preparation of equipment, pacifiers, baby clothes, baby grows, kids bedroom accessories, acquiring the stroller-car-seat; mountable-removable high-tech equipment assembled in a thousand different ways until the child's 18 years, but and almost most importantly; the kids room. In fact, how many people have that desire to know the sex of the baby with the urge to buy everything you need for the childrens bedroom themes in bright pink or baby blue? Fortunately, over the years this trend is decreasing, giving way to many children's room accessories in an immense variety of colours that are usually forgotten in that period of life; yellow, green, violet, etc. In regards to childrens bedroom decor, why choose bright and powerful colours that will remain there until the tenth birthday of the child, when we could also opt for a more tranquil and delicate style for the childrens decor, which is appreciable by children and parents alike, and especially not so completely in conflict with the other furniture in the house. In this case, the kids room can be decorated in a Scandinavian style, giving preference to pastel colours and a much greater overall elegant appearance. In addition, the decoration of kids bed rooms can thus contribute to the overall general style of the house, and with the small modification of some of the toddler room furniture, the childrens bedroom decor will stay current over the years.

1. Colours and motifs: soft shades and the colour white

Distancing yourself from all the dated nursery bedroom ideas of painting the walls of the childs room with the brightest colours, why not opt for a classic white colour or pastel shades like pale yellow, pistachio, and the many shades between cream to grey. The most important thing childrens room decor ideas is that the shades are soft, so not the best option to do a bright lemon colour or bubblegum pink, because the effect would be the opposite. Also to some, many of the colours associated with the Nordic style can seem like ?cold colours?, the secret is in the combination, which has to give the kids bedroom ideas a feel of a very cozy space.

Another very important ally are the graphic motifs, because although many people prefer to choose between different but smooth colours, modifying a single wall or a portion of it, could be the best solution to diversify and give a little more character to the kids room. In the Nordic style, the geometric motifs are undoubtedly those that prevail. One suggestion could be to include a geometric motif with two contrasting colors, among which, one is used on another wall of the room. If, in addition, ther?s the choice of an easy-wipe wall paint, even better, since it would help avoid many future problems in the years to come!

2. Natural light: an essential element for the Scandinavian style

Another protagonist of the Nordic style: natural light. Everyone knows that in the northern countries, due to the absence of light during many hours of the day, it becomes essential to make the most of the sunny hours. Therefore, the reflection of the colour white provides the kids room with the perception of depth, providing the feel of a more spacious kids bedroom, as well as a sense of order, cleanliness, a breath of fresh air and that everything is where it needs to be. Therefore, it will also be very good for children to open their eyes in the morning wrapped in that atmosphere, from which they will receive many benefits.

3. Materials: safe and natural

Connected with the choice of colours is the selection of materials used. Undoubtedly, for a kidsrooms the best thing would be wood, a very warm and resistant material. Best to avoid materials such as marble, metal or more precious and delicate ones such as glass. The Nordic style undoubtedly always prefers wood as the prime material.

For the floors, the most popular choices would have to be parquet, cork, resin and carpet which are not cold as ceramic or stone, unsuitable for little bare feet.

4. Shapes: rounded corners and soothing designs

The shapes, regardless of our personal preferences for the decoration of the house and our stylistically different choices, HAVE to be child proof. Because yes, the colours are important, the lights and the rest, but it is always about the safety and the kids room, in which children will spend a lot of time, playing, falling and the environment has to be safe for them. Therefore, the best toddler room furniture has to be with rounded corners or that can be covered if they are, in fact, pointed. In this case too, the Scandinavian style helps us because many pieces of furniture have very smooth and simple, geometrical lines, which is surely the best way to start child-proofing the room.

In addition, many elements of Nordic design are surely defined as creative, for example childrens bedroom ideas have bunk beds and wooden constructions, because the important kids room ideas is to feel safe and why many kids bedroom décor now includes indoor tents and play tunnels, very important for the Scandinavian culture. That is why increasingly kids room ideas seem almost to come from fairy tales, and that they are decorated with bunk beds decorated like small houses, with their own ceilings and stairs, and these objects, all in wood, with curtains, cushions and decorations, to immerse children in an enchanted kingdom for many years.

5. Toys and accessories: back to old wooden toys and much more

And we are coming to an end with our last, and most enjoyable, piece of advice! Yes, the best part of our decoration comes when we can have fun with the kids bedroom accessories for our children room. To start, it would be better not to have too many (relative concept) toys in the kids room, because we already know that in time they will increase in quantity, until our carefully chosen, much loved floor is covered with layers upon layers of toys. For the little ones, a matching rug will be very useful, but if you want to be a bit more unconventional, you can definitely opt for the Scandinavian style. Also, kids room accessories that reminds us of nature, such as decorative hanging wooden objects, will improve the physical abilities of children, as well as wooden toys such as dollhouses and little wooden horses. Everything related to the world of fairy tales is always welcome, either to create a perfect corner of relaxation for the girls or to add a bit of mystery to the room.

The choice is yours!

If at yours this moment you are looking for inspiration for your new kids room or toddler boy room ideas or ideas for toddler girl room accessories, these tips could be a good starting point!Of course, the modern kids bedroom has many advantages, but in my opinion, the Scandinavian style should not be underestimated, because young people could have confidence from a young age with different perspectives, as well as being close to nature thanks to the constant presence of the wood around. Also, looking at these photos, you?ll fall in love with the wonderful children's rooms you'll see!

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