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Design history -

Tolix: the brand created by Xavier Pauchard


The Tolix brand is one of the industrial design icons in terms of metal furniture.

The brand

In 1908, Xavier Pauchard, the creator of Tolix, founded Etablissements X. Pauchard, which specialised in small galvanized steel articles that were highly prized for their robustness and low prices. Several years later, Mr Pauchard launched the production of Tolix metal furniture, offering a complete range of chairs, stools, armchairs, tables or even trolleys, as he had the incredible idea of creating his pieces out of a single block of sheet steel. The entire Tolix collection is stackable and rust-proof, so it was very easy to use in gardens and on the terraces of the cafés springing up all over cities. Very rapidly, the Tolix industry's Modèle A chair became a top-selling item thanks to its extreme solidity, light weight and low price.

Where can we find Tolix?

At this time, galvanized sheet steel was innovative, and Tolix was a pioneer with its creation that was also perfect in production workshops, offices or company restaurants. Diversification of Tolix was underway and also resulted in the Mouette (Seagull) children's collection. Tolix, which has become an empire, was a family-owned company for many years until it was bought out by employees in 2004, while preserving all the group's know-how, skills and technical expertise. The zenith came in 2006, when two Tolix chairs entered the permanent exhibition at the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris. Tolix furniture can increasingly be seen in private houses with a pronounced taste for industrial design, or who simply want to add a touch of metal to their living spaces.

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