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Design history -

Tolix chairs: made out of a block of galvanized steel


When the first Tolix chair saw the light of day, the company was just launching production of galvanized sheet steel furniture, and one might say that creator Xavier Pauchard had hit the jackpot.

The idea behind the Tolix Chair

The main idea behind the Tolix chair was to make it out of a single block of galvanized steel, a material its inventor was specialised in. The Tolix chair responded to the massive demand for inexpensive chairs that could be stacked easily. At that time, the workplace (offices and factories) was evolving with fixed work stations, giving the employees the chance or need to sit down. There was more leisure time, and robust metal furniture was much sought after for parks, gardens and cafès.

Advantages of a Tolix Chair

The Tolix chair had all the prerequisite strengths to entirely meet the needs of users, as it is solid with its X-shaped cross bar under the seat, rust-proof, stackable, lightweight and inexpensive. This particular chair rapidly took centre stage, and was soon accompanied by the Tolix Type B chair, with a rounder back and fine legs. The Tolix chair has become an icon recognized worldwide, along with the Peugeot, Tubor or Multipl's chair.

The style, elegance and original proportions of the Tolix chair have been duly acknowledged and led to it entering the Centre Georges Pompidou in 2006 and in other museums around the world. It is now regarded as one of the great pieces of the industrial design that embellishes all interiors and also remains very much used on cafè and restaurant terraces.



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