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English Cottage Chic

Create elegantly relaxed decoration with warmth and style

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English Cottage Chic emphasizes the cosiness and comfort as well as our relationship with nature. Key elements of the style are drawn from English country homes that often feature steep, thatched roofs, manicured grounds, and effusive gardens. The decor can be casual or formal, and the focus is on function rather than flair. Furniture is traditionally styled and the rooms are full of colour. Whether the home is a small cottage or sprawling estate, English county decorating exudes warmth, comfort and a love for family.

Hallmarks of English Cottage Style


Colour palette

Colour abounds in English country decorating. Hues are pulled from nature, such as the pinks and yellows from roses in an English garden or the greens from the rolling hills of the countryside. The colours can be vibrant or muted, but the overall effect always bring a sense of calm and relaxation. The style features plenty of patterns, especially floral, so with the uplifting pastel tones your space will be brightened and enlivened.

Patterns and textures

Fabrics are plentiful and mixed, from upholstered sofas to table skirts. Ruffled pillows and lace window treatments soften rooms throughout the home. Layering different types of textures and patterns is the key to bring life and sophistication, especially when it comes to a neutral or white on white palette.


Furniture styles are traditional, such as Queen Anne or Victorian, and the predominant material is wood. The wood can light or dark-coloured, or even painted, stencilled and distressed. You can focus only one or two pieces in a room and play down other parts in order to put the big statement pieces in the spotlight. With the right selection, the furniture can be harmonised beautifully.

Bring the outside in

One of the most important aspects that will ensure authenticity is to bring nature into your home, be it flowers, fruits or indoors plants, fresh or dried alike. Grow small herbs on the balcony or design a whole garden will not only bring peace and joy but also make your house beautiful and pleasantly scented. Open the windows for sunlight and wind that make the polished chandelier sparkle with glamour.

Perfectly imperfect

English Cottage Chic embraces the weathered paints, refurbished furniture, worn-out fabrics, and less-than-perfect thrifted deco treasures. It emits a sense of ease and cosiness because one doesn't have to be a little too careful to enjoy oneself and company. Being at 'home' is important because a house well-lived and well-loved is the most perfect 'home' of all.

After all, interior decoration is all about creating the right atmosphere to tell the story about the people who live there, their background and personality as well as their hopes and dreams. The English Cottage style, in the same way, will speak elegantly of the owner's nostalgia and appreciation for the past, his admiration for the history and the craftsmanship each and every object in his house possesses.

English Cottage Chic - Styling board

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