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Boho Style for your home

Article published on 26/04/2013

The appeal of the unconventional

The Boho style is omnipresent. The look of the Seventies does not only seem to dominate the fashion runways: the trend reminiscing the Hippie years has also arrived in the furniture shops. What exactly makes the Boho Style being so attractive? This style is all about liberty and being unconventional. The Boho Style does not follow any written rules or regulations. Instead, it is a style as unique and individual as the people decorating their homes in this style.

Bring the world into your home with Boho style decoration

What does "Boho Style" mean?

What exactly do we imply talking about Boho Style? Boho is the abbreviation for "Bohemian". Looking at the etymology of this term we can develop the meaning of this style: initially, the word "bohémien" was used to describe Roma from Böhmen. Quickly, the ethnical character of this word was lost in French and German. Instead, "bohemian" was used to denote unkempt and chaotic manners. It has been only in the 18th century that the term "bohemian" was used by artists and writers to describe themselves and their lifestyle free from social norms, manners and requirements. Instead they followed their own paths inspired by their creativity and living in freedom.

What is typical for the Boho Chic Style?

The Boho Style is a wonderful furnishing style being as individual, creative, laid back and exotic as no other interior style. Boho is more than just a intérior décor. It is a way to live, a lifestyle implying curiosity, joy, liberty and self-expression. What rules do we have to follow decorating our homes in the Boho Style? There is only one rule to follow: there are no rules.

Feel free and inspired! Choose your furniture, accessories and textiles listening to your gut instinct. All that matters is coziness. Thick carpets, comfortable ottomans and light linen fabrics add a charming note to your interior where your friends are always more than happy to relax.

Boho Style Furniture

There is no "does not match"

Even if there are no guidelines or rules to judge which furniture to classify furniture as "typical Boho" by looking closely we can identify some typical features: Boho styled pieces of furniture are normally big and very comfortable. To create the exotic atmosphere, furniture pieces usually do not have any sharp corners or edges. Instead, a shabby chic sofa, round forms and colorful fabrics dominate the general picture.

Especially colors are very important: natural tones such as black, brown, olive or beige form the basis. Combined with lively and colorful colors they contrast harmoniously, creating an interesting color combination, adding a touch of exotic and oriental flair to your home without being overwhelming.

Tips how to create a harmonious Boho decoration

Classical elements for the Hippie chic

Natural fibers like braided bowls or chairs, linen sheets, wood, leather or crocheted fabrics and colored glass are must-haves for a succeeding Boho Chic decoration. A big couch made out of rattan or a comfortable armchair with basketwork is THE classical element for Boho decoration. Key element is naturalness, whereas perfectionism remains in the background

Color and exotic patterns as style elements

The most important aspect to create a harmonious Boho look for your home is to find the right mixture of new items, flea market finds and holiday souvenirs. Richly ornamented, vividly patterned and wooden animal figures ensure a ravishing Boho Chic flair and a unique atmosphere. Every single piece has its own story and surely, your guests will be more than happy to hear about your adventures and about where you found the particular accessories.

Upcycling and vintage furniture are also very popular: a robust dining table with traces of usage fits perfectly into the complete picture. Old items and materials can best be revived by giving them a new function: classical elements are old fruit crates stacked and used as a bookshelf or old suitcases used as boxes to store little items.

Every fan of Boho decoration has a weakness for Vintage furniture, foreign countries and vivid colors. Give free reins to your collector's passion and discover yourself new every day!

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4,8/5,0Unrivalled customer satisfaction


pib offers you free delivery from 400 GBP of purchase.Enter the code "HappySummer22" in your basket. Limited time only.