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Triptych-style wall mirror

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Country chic: the charm of a country chic bathroom


This article is not only about country chic but especially how to style its bathroom in a perfect country chic way.

The charm of a country chic bathroom

Extraordinarily fine in every way, a country-chic bathroom has a full vintage look. Reclaimed retro accessories have pride of place beside the work surface, and distressed mirrors amplify the vintage effect. Luxury and comfort are in perfect harmony with fine materials reused to convey country chic. The bathroom will be unique in all interiors, through the astute marrying of the stone basin on repurposed craft furniture, along with modern taps and contemporary floor tiling. The furnishing is minimalist and hits the right note by giving each piece of furniture definite country chic, with no frills. Cast iron and earthenware, for example, fit in perfectly with this soft universe and add character. The atmosphere is inspired by vintage country chic and creates a soothing space in which to unwind after the day.

Creating the country-chic bathroom setting

The rough look will respect your interior style, while being both functional and comfortable. The natural effect of wood covering the walls, or concrete used for the bathtub or storage units is particularly suited to this country chic. There could be a stone washbasin to intensify the feel of purity. Spring is the perfect atmosphere for a bathroom with country chic, with all its freshness and delicate tones. Pastel colours such as lilac and mauve can be used for the walls and all the furniture to create a coherent unity. Large wicker baskets and vintage cane chairs would give the ambience that additional warmth. The bathroom is a vital part of the living space where everybody can relax in their own space, and this sense is easily found with a country chic setting.



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