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Shabby chic: accessories and usage of shabby chic furniture


Solid furniture, noble materials, distressed furniture, soft colors, are the elements essential to obtain a shabby chic decoration.

Shabby chic accessories

Once all the large furniture set up in the house, it is important to give close attention to the shabby chic furniture ; pillows, carpets, vases and other accessories to let the particular spirit appear in your interior. The parquet or tiles will receive extra heat thanks to the shabby chic carpet and other warm animal skins. Pillows of all sizes and shapes give a cocooning atmosphere on the living room sofa or on the bed. The shabby chic furniture brings closer your interior to Nature by using natural materials and organic shapes.

Usage of the French shabby chic furniture

The pillow's task is obviously comfort, therefore it must be designed with high quality material, such as feathers and cotton. Nowadays, designers are inspired by textile creation and pillow shapes, allowing the pillow to become a major accessory of your shabby chic furniture. The combination of materials and ornaments is ingenious for a shabby chic look: the flowery cotton will fit perfectly with fur or ribbed velvet. Same trend for the carpets: the print is honoured and colors are mixed. The shabby chic furniture is hearty and the carpets have a capital role in such a feeling. Vases, sconces, candle handlers have the capacity to be placed anywhere in the house and have an effect on any room.

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