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Theatre double seat

Vintage style, a charming vintage style provides an authentic atmosphere


The signals of vintage style are mainly light and calm, in order to keep this pleasant spirit

A vintage style can have several tints and tones creating a perfect combination. The charming spirit is a kind of decoration that calls for welfare, finesse, and romantism.

Vintage style: the charming spirit

A vintage style decoration provides an authentic atmosphere to any interior. The charming furniture and vintage home accessories are defined as written above, as they correspond to color specifities and precise materials. The vintage style tones are often bright and calm, in order to keep this pleasant side. The color white, creme, and ivory usually dominate, but colors are also honoured with tones of pastels or powder increasing this vintage style touch. Nonetheless, noble materials such as wood or stone are also favorites for a vintage style. The furniture is often designed with distressed wood, limed or waxed, to bring an used effect and originality to your furniture.

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Vintage style: the country chic

A country chic interior must absolutely recall good memories and blow a wind of generosity and comfort. The simplicity of objects, furniture, and other accessories procure a hearty and familial spirit. The country chic vintage style is not at all sophisticated, nor artificial. The colors used are the colors present in nature, such as blue, green, and red brick. The walls, designed with wood, are slightly cracked, giving a considerable vintage style country chic touch to your room. The ancient furniture will fit just perfectly in a country chic vintage style interior. The styles recov' and vintage are sublimated et are used with no moderation.

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Theatre double seat

Theatre double seat


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