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Moriz coffee table

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Reclaimed furniture: decoration adaptable to wooden furniture


It is possible for one to create at home a reclaimed furniture style by acting and transforming your own furniture.

Reclaimed furniture: using wood for a vintage look

The need to customize your own interior as to recognize your home and other tricks are common and recommended. Recovering objects and furniture as to give them a second usage allows us to reappropriate our own interior and give to it an unique and authentic spirit. Repainting furniture is a good trick to give revival to your interior, and keeping your furniture at home. You need to be perfectly equiped: a sander, brushes, paint and (if necessary) wood pulp. Handles of a cupboard can be mismatched; this will give an touch of originality to your classic interior.

The decoration adapted to the reclaimed furniture

To give some punch to your interior or your recycled furniture, decoration comes to enrich the lot, and undergoes a few transformations. Every houshold textile, only if designed with linen and cotton, can be tainted, to let a new and fresh appear. All kind of ground, such as parquet or tiles, can also be modified with the use of adapted paint, imagination and audacity. Recycling objects to design new furniture gives a considerable vintage and interesting touch to your interior. Accessories will magnify your interior and must be set carefully and with a particular attention to details. A sconce, vase or pillow, can be used as vintage pieces for a perfect harmony with your recycled furniture.

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