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Sideboard Tammea made out of oak wood

Decorating tips -

Upcycled furniture, how to create a vintage design ?


Using upcycled furniture to bring a touch of vintage design

For many years, the kitchen was designed as a room that one should hide and make it as much practical and concise as possible. This occured during the 1960s development of the average household. No designers or architects gave time to work on making interesting and stylish kitchens. Since the rise of different style houses, often more spaced, with an opened kitchen, it found its former position of "house center", Depuis l'essor des nouveaux habitats agencés de manières différentes; plus espacés, avec une cuisine ouverte, elle retrouve sa place de "coeur de la maison", for our greatest satisfaction. Today, the kitchen is a room where one should pay attention to decoration details, where the French shabby chic style will fit perfectly. The kitchen is now considered as the main room of the household, after the living room. It is the room that has experienced the most the technical progress and changes of look such as the reclaimed wood furniture that is now taking more place in this room.

Sonia chest of drawers

From the laboratory look to the recycled furniture

Before the 1950s, the kitchen was a sort of laboratory, because of the hygiene standards at that time. The design was austere and Spartan and the color white was dominating to insist on the clean appearance of this place. From the 1950s, desginers; bored by this concept, drew colorful furniture with incredible curves, French shabby chic characteristics. This retro spirit is appropriate to the 1950s people, seaking new and coolness. In the 1980s, and the appearance of more space, through lofts, the trendy kitchen is designed with furniture made of hardwood and steel. This industrial style furniture make people happy today, essentially lovers of Shabby chic furniture. Around the 2000s, modernity is the new trendy interest, and considerably contributes to the design of elaborate kitchens. Nowadays, vintage upcycled furniture are appreciated and adapted to modern and technological installations. The shabby chic decoration is today savored thanks people willing to go back in time and find this furniture authenticity.

Sonia chest of drawers



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