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workstation at home

How to create the ideal workstation at home

Article published on 11/04/2017

Easy and simple tips to furnish your new workstation at home

Freelance work is becoming more and more popular today. Concentrating home and office under the same roof could be convenient and useful if one manages to organize everything efficiently. Of course, leaving a not-yet-delivered work or a last minute project might be harder then, but one thing is sure: your workplace should also be pleasant for your eyes, as well as practical and functional for your activities!

Workstation at home

Organization and spaces

The first tip is to separate as much as you can the space that will be dedicated to your job from those that are usually shared with the rest of the family or that make you feel the most at home. To make a workstation into the living room, for instance, could be counterproductive for your job, because of possible distractions.

Also, dividing spaces means to be able to diversify the hours of one day: to be in the same place for many hours can be a disadvantage for creativity and the achievement of your goals. Changing room after have been spending several hours on a chair for a coffee or a break, could really be regenerating.

A pleasant working environment

Practicality and functionality are essential. Indeed, a well organized workstation should allow you to have everything under control, as well as to be able to reach all the objects and necessary accessories without any effort. Whether interior designer, architect, creative or just student, it doesn't matter. Regardless of the activity that will be carried out, organization and order are fundamental! If the desk is going to be the place where you will be spending the most of your time, it is important to make pleasant this clipped corner of your interior.

Working into a nice and tidy context will only bring benefits to your creativity and the right humor to face problems! Also, you will have a new spot of your house to furnish and decorate! Let your imagination run free and start planning!

How to design a custom location

According to the activity that will take place and to your own tastes about interior design, colors and furniture, you can start designing your own customized workstation. Many alternatives are available on the market and you will always be able to find something for all budgets and styles. The only rule is to look first at all the necessary equipment to achieve the best performances during your activities.

Designing your own workstation means then customize it. Thanks to vintage home accessories, you can make unique every spot of your interior. So, what about a High End Design vintage desk less serious and boring? Furniture and chairs in different styles and sizes make the best complements to enrich the final look.


What if: limited budget and space

You might create and decorate special corners of your house following inspirations and ideas gathered on the Internet or design magazines. Even more often, you might find yourself facing the everyday life: limited budget and a small place to turn into your new workstation. Interior designers and artists, however, do never give up at the first difficulty!

For a limited budget, you can use and readapt your own furniture: changing use and colors will make you feel like you have just bought a new piece of furniture for your house! Alternatively you can opt for simple furniture and enrich the final look with accessories, such as boards, plants, frames and so on. This look will be even more customized if you add DIY touches.

To overcome the problem of limited space, you may choose retractable furniture solutions, such as folding tables and compartments to store papers and documents efficiently. Folding chairs can also be easily stored when you don't need them and if you need extra space.

Essential elements

When you start furnishing your new workstation, it is essential to start with the basic: fundamental is therefore a desk that can be realized with a simple table, a table top settled on trestles, or an high counter if you are a creative or an architect. An ergonomic chair will be essential for your back and shoulders, especially during long sessions of work. To complete the working area just add vintage table lamps with strong lights to be directed on the table, so you will enjoy all the brightness while working.

Among the secondary but important items, you have a large variety of storage furniture that are also beautiful as useful ways to organize papers and invoices, as well as a charming vintage bookcase to store your items. If you want to add extra details to your new workstation, you may opt for accessories such as plants, frames and boxes for writing materials.

To be avoided

To enjoy the most of your new workstation, it is important to also take advantage of natural light. Place your desk so you do not have the light of a window behind you. If so, the reflection of the light might be a hindrance if you use a computer and even more if you write down something. Knowing how to leverage external light also allows you to save money, because you won't use too much electricity.

Also, remember to buy furniture in proportion to the space you have, so you will have a more homogenous effect. You definitely don't want to fill a small room with huge furniture or still have space if you furnish a larger room with small sized furniture.

Finally, thanks to accessories that allow you to store and arrange your printed work, as folders and wall organizers, you won't have a messy desk.

With this article, I hope to have provided useful tips to start thinking about the design and the concept of your new home location dedicated to your job. Just get started!

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