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Vintage decor: reappeared in an era of modern furniture


For several years now, we have seen considerable interest on the part of decoration aficondas for vintage decor. Vintage decor adds more cachet and a healthy dose of style to our interiors.

What is vintage decor?

Vintage decor furniture made its reappearance in a era of new and modern furniture, to respond to a need for authenticity. The term vintage is applied to a piece of furniture whose silhouette corresponds to a period of the 20th Century that dates back more than 20 years. Vintage decor could be art deco, pop or industrial style, but it could also include Scandinavian or distressed furniture. All these terms undeniably mark out the territory of vintage style, which is currently highly sought after.

Railway Carriage Wall Rack

Vintage Accessories

Vintage decor may form part of all interiors, from the most classic to the most design. Vintage decor can be created by means of furniture or accessories. An industrial mirror with a vintage look will embellish a wall above a modern sofa, a retro sideboard or vivid pop colours would go perfectly in a white neutral interior. We can use and abuse vintage decor in terms of accessories, such as wall letters to put on the wall for a workshop effect, coloured and rounded lights for a retro look, or chalkboards to bring back memories of school with a vintage bench.

Nowadays furniture and decorative object manufacturers and designers are drawing heavily on vintage decor and offer us numerous reeditionss of classic pieces, or create new items centred on this vintage style.

WC Sign Made Of Bronze

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