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Design history -

Baroque armchair : the baroque armchair and its history


The baroque armchair and its history

The Baroque, born during the XVIth century, is an artistic movement from Italy, mixing literature, painting, decoration and was then very quickly a main European movement.

It designates a style promoting magnitude, contrasts and the permanent use of ornaments and edges, as proves the Baroque armchair.

The word "baroque" comes from a Portuguese word: "barroco" and has historically been attached to Catholism, as this movement knew great success in Roma, where the Architecture keeps wonderful Baroque touches.

The spectacular and impressive effect of the baroque style seduces rapidly furniture designers that will be considerably influenced when drawing and imagining their creation

Furniture like baroque antique armchairs, are designed to imagine a combination of wavy shapes and more classic edges.

Today, the baroque armchair is an essential piece of work that one should use subtly and differently.

The use of the baroque armchair

Originally, the baroque furniture was dedicated to a particular aristocraty, and therefore had to be designed with noble and robust materials.

The base of vintage armchairs and vintage chairs is often built with high quality hardwood/strong>, and the cover is a glamor and theatral fabric such as velvet.

This piece of furniture will procure a truly romantic touch to any interior.

Chair of honor at the end of a shabby chic dining table, only armchair in your living room or reading corner, or even occasional seat in a bedroom, the baroque armchair will bring greatness to any interior.

The baroque armchair still keep its original image of ancient and prestigious furniture.



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