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Wall shelf Chloé

Design history -

Shabby chic style: the shabby chic style history


Originally, the shabby chic style is a cultural movement founded in England and Germany.

The shabby chic style history

The XIXth century saw the shabby chic style expand all over Europe including France. The shabby chic style appears in many disciplines: painting, music, literature, and more recently in the design world. This movement insists on the fact that one can transmit feelings through a kind of art, either happy or sad, good or bad. The shabby chic style is based on the concepts of wonderful and dream, that will also recall the XVIIIth century, with the rational.

Round armchair Léonie

The shabby chic style foundations

The main goal of the shabby chic style is to poetize every Art that surrounds us. A new conception of art was born, being at that time synonymous of inventivity and freedom. The shabby chic style refuses limits, imposed by yesteryears customs and traditions, fits in this modernity, when the most classic people refered to precepts from the Antiquity. In decoration and furniture, romantism is visible through colors, materials, and precise shapes.. The shabby chic style can at first, represent nature with delicacy and finess thanks to flower and animal patterns and prints. Colors associated to this kind of decor are pastels and aged colors. The French shabby chic can yet be combined to any room and any place in one's home and we'll appreciate it for its harmonious and appeasing character.

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