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Trend: Nordic style furniture in the future

Article published on 28/02/2017

What does Nordic style consist of? How about the news from the latest Stockholm Design Week 2017?

Nordic furniture provide elegance and charm. This style comes from the very Northern Europe with its authenticity and aesthetics because of natural materials and soft colors. If you wish to give new life to your interiors, you can choose this modern and timeless style!

Nordic Style

As the name suggests, Nordic style refers to the type of furniture ideal for interiors in which the brightness of the lights dominates the environment together with the simplicity of the furnishing and very soft and cozy colors.

This style highlights the link between man and nature, as it involves the use of very natural materials, recalling the beautiful landscapes of Northern Europe in their wildest and natural settings.

Main features

Among the most prominent Nordic furnishing elements prevail the colors which characterize this style, first of all the white color. Indeed, colors are the first feature of each object that affects the view of observers. For this reason, we are going to focus deeply on colors later in the article.

The second key-aspect of the Nordic style regards lines and shapes of furniture used to furnish an interior: Nordic lines are typically straight and thin, not exaggerated, elegant and fine. In one word: simple. The Nordic decòr prefers sharp and clean cuts, without neglecting the attention to details.

Accessories and lights are the last essential feature in this style: carpets and blankets make the environment more cozy and comfortable, soft lights add the perfect Nordic touch to every room.

The origin of the Nordic style

Unlike ancient styles, too rich in decorations, the Nordic deco comes from the need to emphasize the semplicity of the shapes while focusing on new forms of interiors from a totally new air. Designers from Northern Europe have therefore given birth to a new interior design concept, where outcomes are maximized thanks to natural light and materials used.

The countries of the North prefer the use of simple wood. They are also characterized by long and very cold winters, in which natural light lasts for a few hours. That's the reason why houses are designed with large windows, in order to allow the light to enter the rooms for a while. Soft colors make the outside light able to reflect itself inside, thanks to clever games of light that allow to enjoy the beauty of the interiors..

Nordic trend


As mentioned before, white is the top color in this style. The white allows to reflect the light and provides brightness even in environments not directly exposed to a natural source of light. The reflection on natural light is a trick that allows you to save up also extra costs of electricity. Finally, light colors give a feeling of relax and order.

Contrasts such as black and white can bring a touch of modernity and customizations for those who want to deviate slightly from the traditional palettes of colors.


The ideal material is wood, to which dark metal can be added for a strong color contrast. Wood that retains its nature in grains and colors is perfect for Nordic style decoration. Ideal is the combination of wood painted with clear varnish and darker accessories: black metal lamps add character and stand out from the background; iron headboards give a retro touch to any bedroom; metal shelves add vintage charm.

Nordic Design: News

Less is better: minimal chic

The Minimalism trend is the common thread that link all the element Nordic styled. The walls are left simple, wooden floors are blank to create a deep vision of space, large windows in glass reflect the light thanks to mirrors and lights.

Nordic style is not austerity: attention to details is given by the accessories that match the cleanliness of the environments. Wooden coffee tables, ottomans, pillows, fur and carpets enrich a very simple context, in order to provide character and contrasts.

New trends from Stockholm Design Week 2017

Ended on February 12th, the Stockholm Design Week 2017 (SDW) showed the typical features of Nordic design suggesting some extra ideas in new interior design concepts. The SDW is a key-annual-event within the world of interior design, where architects, designers, press and interior lovers come together to show news from industries and manufactories, as well as develop new trends for the future. Indeed, there are numerous daily exhibitions, press conferences and professional meetings for young emerging designers.

First of all, news regard mainly new horizons in the range of colors used: the Nordic style adopts new palettes in which appear peach, water colors, pink and rust. Second, among new materials figures aluminum, known for its light weight, as well as the rediscovery of natural bench wood.

Finally, the boldest trend sees new matching ideas between soft and bright colors: the color-blocking trend, well known within the fashion world, is going to contmainate also the interior design universe.

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15 Days of sofas
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