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Vintage industrial design : a design more and more present in modern households

Article published on 15/12/2013

The vintage industrial design becomes very trendy and highly sought by the great lovers of decoration

The features of the vintage industrial design

The vintage industrial design represents the factory and workshop style from the beginning of the 20th century, now massively set in our homes and adapted to our life styles.

At the time of the birth of industrial furniture, many innovations were set to be the post office sorting industrial shelves that would perfectly adapt to the work for which it was dedicated.

The recovery of these vintage industrial design pieces of furniture in a classic style home, allows to create a loft and atypical atmosphere.

Very rapidly, the vintage industrial design furniture became trendy and sought by the lovers of industrial decoration.

Often designed with metal, it is the symbole of modernity at the beginning of last century, and many technological advances will make this furniture grow and evolve.

The vintage industrial design becomes a lot of must-have pieces such as furniture with valves or storage lockers, or yet again the Singer stool, that now is an icone in the vintage industrial design world.

The outcome of vintage industrial design in our homes

The steel market becoming a major importance of the French industry, many firms decided to coloborate in order to create a foundation regrouping all kind of factories that could make this market improve and move forward.

However, all of this was not forecasted to become the vintage industrial design that we come to know these days.

Originally, the steel furniture did not find its place in an design interior, worthy of this name, where heavy, wooden and classic style furniture were more present, such as the metal, that was considered as the working class material.

It will be needed to wait the 80s to know about this craze for vintage industrial design furniture.

This trend reflects a need to return to solid and long-lasting furniture while pouting usable 70s furniture where the market was flooded.

The industrial table design began to be transformed into a family industrial dining table, a locker cabinet, and factory metal chairs found their place in the heart of the house.

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